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Not just Voiceover

Rode NT1 5th generazione Nicola Lanci

Voice Over and EXTRA Services

Nuendo dubbing

Voice Over
Dubbing in Sync, Over Sound, Movies, TV Series, Short Films, Documentaries, Trailers, Spots, Web Spots, TV, Cinema, Radio, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Answering Machines and much more...

Adobe Premiere

Video editing
Video montages, apply effects and transitions, create subtitle video track, extract audio tracks, synchronize audio with video
and much more...

Generic Price List 2024

Adobe Auditions

Audio Editing
Music voice audio editing, effects application, master and final mix care, audio restoration, music voice separation, audio analysis, consultancy
and much more...

E-learning session
Over Sound - Nuendo
Audio Repair

What I use in my studio


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