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Voice actor

Welcome! My name is Nicola and I am a voice actor and advertising speaker, I was born with a passion for dubbing and voiceover. Since I was a child I have always loved playing and inventing fantastic stories and building complex tales to entertain my friends. On TV I followed my favorite heroes and I enjoyed "voicing" them, even if I didn't have the slightest idea of what I was actually doing. For me it was a game, the film gave me the lines and I responded, I followed the tones , intentions, moods. I did it with cartoons, films, documentaries and also with some "historical" advertisements. Then, one fine day I found an old cassette player in the cellar and, after giving it a dusting, I borrowed the batteries from all the remote controls that were in the house and discovered that it WORKED! I had just discovered a new game. A lot of time has passed since then and, while before it was just a game, today it is my job and I have had the honor of having lent and given voice to many products. Maybe you haven't heard of me yet, but you've definitely heard me.


  • Professionalism, punctuality and precision.

  • Absolute dedication to any PROJECT.

  • Willingness to always get the most out of it.

  • Creativity and Imagination

  • Sympathy, cordiality, kindness and education


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To Voice over and beyond

My experience combined with the vocal versatility of a baritone capable of moving from the freshest and most energetic mood to the warmest and most emotional tones, combining them in the best possible way to obtain a UNIQUE Voice Over

The possibility of having your project complete with synchronization, ambience, mixing with music, applying effects, subtitling and much more, ALL IN ONE SOLUTION...

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nicola lanci doppiatore

Nicola Lanci

Via Giovanni Calabro, 15

66034 - Lanciano (CH)

+39 328-0564083

VAT: IT 02778190690

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